03 June 2011

Surf report

Typhoon Lagoon is filled with innumerable references to surfing, shipwrecks and nautical life. Set down across from Downtown Disney, the little details and storylines begin with the roadside sign and run throughout the entire park. The interactive elements start as soon as guests walk up to the ticketing and entrance plaza.

Between the bus stops and ticket windows, a section of shipwreck has become wedged into the ground. Thankfully this remnant contains the translation of the International Code Flags and Pennants, which is serendipitous because code flags have been strung all along the arcade. Three messages are presented here, can you deceiver their wit and warnings?

A quick note, there is a little overlap of flags between the last two images, but I think you all have the nautical knowhow to interpret the flags and pennants. I’ll post the translations to the messages on our Facebook page this Sunday afternoon.

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Can I post the answer here?