09 June 2011

Riverside's neighbors

It seems like Donald and Goofy have been getting into trouble or have been on the receiving end of mischief for as long as memory allows. In appropriate thematic and period specific clothing, Goofy and Donald once again find themselves in a pickle in Fulton’s General Store at Port Orleans Riverside. The cause of the duo’s troubles? Well, in the case of Goofy, who is cleaning the old wood-burning stove, he is the victim of Mickey Mouse’s nephews, Mortie and Ferdie Fieldmouse. As for Donald, who appears to be stacking crates in the middle of the shop, he must contend with his constant foils on two fronts. Donald’s own nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, are causing him as much pain as those proverbial pipsqueaks Chip and Dale. See for youself!


Ellen said...

SO cool! I love the great story details like this - that make Disney, Disney! Thank you for uncovering these for us!

Charm and Grace said...

Oh, how I do love PO Riverside! I can't tell you how many pictures I have of these zany characters in Fulton's. My camera just won't let me pass them up on any of our trips there. :)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Ellen and CaG, I love that even though they're displays, they've been made to fit into the scene they're in and tell a story.