01 July 2011

Spirits of America

You remember the one rule of touring through Walt Disney World, right? You know, the look up, look down, look all around rule. The footnote to this rule is that you should also check all the spaces in between. Everything is fair game, doors, rugs, artwork and even windows, as would be the case for today’s find.Most guests are aware of the stirring historical account known as The American Adventure, which takes place in a structure inspired by Independence Hall, as well as Boston’s Old State House, Monticello and Colonial Williamsburg. Prior to the show guests generally stroll through the National Treasures exhibit or the Voices of Liberty. What the majority of guests do not do, however, is cozy up to the pair of windows that flank the pavilion’s entrance.Each window features four pieces of bronze sculpting, a bust and three statuettes. The busts, from Blaine Gibson, are of The American Adventure hosts, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain. The six bronze figurines feature half of the Spirits of America, the full-sized statues that line either side of the main theater. Featured with Franklin are: Spirit of Compassion, Spirit of Independence and Spirit of Knowledge. Highlighted with Twain are: Spirit of Individualism, Spirit of Tomorrow and Spirit of Discovery.

These great pieces of art are often passed by, but are definitely worth the time it takes to examine each of them a little closer!

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