16 November 2007

How we feed and care for them

This weekend, as well the next week up to Thanksgiving, look like they are going to be some tough ones. But have no fear, I have recently acquired a stopwatch from the Potts McNutty Corporation and will have more than enough time to get articles out for your enjoyment.

Food is once again on my mind, after I enjoyed some tasty ribs this evening, and it was then that I realized I haven’t ever really touched upon the dining available inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For the longest time the dining options inside the park were limited to Counter Service meals. Thankfully that is changing this year with the refurbishment of Tusker House and the addition of Yak and Yeti. For years this has left the only dining debate open to Disney community as to which restaurant was the best in Animal Kingdom. With these new openings we will be free to discuss the merits of the Counter and Table Service restaurants in their own separate forums.

But I digress, speaking of ribs, and I was originally speaking of ribs, some of the best ribs to be found on property can be found at Flame Tree Barbeque, alongside some scrumptious smoked chicken. I originally found Flame Tree through a special on the Travel Channel, and could feel my mouth watering, even though I was hundreds of miles away. The first chance I received to visit this appetite whetting shack was love at first bite.

Then I entered the dining area and the experience of the atmosphere enhanced the meal to no end. There were various huts scattered about a tangled web of pathways, surrounded on all sides by a lush landscape, with ambient music that echoed of the entrance to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom. It is easy then, in the midst of these disorienting surroundings, to not pick up that you have become the predator to your prey, your prey which is otherwise known as lunch, which is otherwise known as ribs or chicken, and your surroundings reflect just this predicament. You see, each shelter is themed in the predator and prey relationship. Smaller creatures are always being sought and devoured by the local residents here. Even the tables display creatures on the verge of becoming a meal for the ambitious hunters embodied in the chairs.

All of this, just to get you in the spirit of the Circle of Life before you take-in the next showing of the Festival of the Lion King. Ah well, I think we know where my vote for best Quick Service restaurant in Animal Kingdom is going to fall in those upcoming discussions.

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Anonymous said...

We love the Flame Tree & make sure to get the ribs or the pulled pork sandwich each time we go to WDW.