15 November 2007

Haven't I been here before?

Yesterday, I inadvertently submitted my application to the Crate Appreciation Society (or the C.A.S.), not that I wouldn’t love to be counted amongst their prestigious members. Thinking about it this morning though, I wasn’t positive that yesterday’s examples would be enough to sway the C.A.S. C.E.O.s, so I decided to beef up the resume a little this evening. Below are some of my favorite crates from Disneyland Park’s Toontown’s Gag Factory, and, as a bonus/extra credit, a MuppetVision 3-D Crate or two. I hope all of you are able to enjoy and take something from them, and I hope this solidifies my application for the Crate Appreciation Society.

I love this one for the reference on the Singing Harp. It is being shipped to W. Giant, a.k.a. Willie the Giant. Willie starred as the giant in the 1947 Mickey and the Beanstalk, part of Fun and Fancy Free. While a great piece itself, Willie is probably best known as the Ghost of Christmas Present in Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

After the C.A.S. I plan on going after, in no particular order, the Restroom, Trash Can, Twilight Zone, Barrel, Muppet, Windows, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Sidewalk Appreciation Societies, because I know they’re out there.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love the details!

The Angry Mob crate just cracks me up!

And the Mickey and the Beanstalk crate...some of my favorite musical moments are from that feature.

I am assuming that Lou will be sending a CAS t-shirt to you as part of the membership package.