20 November 2007

This is a picture phone, we can see you

That watch I bought from Potts McNutty Corporation was, apparently, broken when I bought it, thus I have found no time to fix the Liberty Square article or to get real in depth on anything. This is partially because in the last forty-eight I have worked a grueling twenty-three and a half of them. I’m not a complainer, and this should not be taken as a gripe, but I wanted you all to know that I take this blog very seriously, and I want to not only provided some knowledge and some fun for all of you each and every day, but that I also want these articles to have a quality I am proud of. To tide you over for another day or so, here’s a favorite detail of mine. If Saturday’s article was a prelude to the Paths to Adventure, then this is a prelude to my Muppets comparison coming shortly.
That’s right, it is none other than our old friend, Rizzo the Rat, who has been around since episode 418 of The Muppet Show, and has been mugging for camera time ever since. What I love best about this sign, which can be found amongst a plethora of fascinating and hysterical signs in Muppet Stuff, is the fact that it can almost be seen as a blank check, or undeveloped photograph as it were, for those of us who want to try to find a way to capture every little nook and cranny of Walt Disney World that we can.

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