10 November 2007

Young Adventurers - Kilimanjaro Safaris

Jambo. They may call it deepest darkest Africa, but on this safari through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, the sun blazes down upon you. On this expedition it is safe to say you can harness your rifle and ready your camera. The trails you ride through will be bumpy and bouncy as you travel through muddy ruts made by other trucks and cross over rickety bridges. Your guide will keep in contact with the Reserve Warden Wilson Matua shortly after you begin your safari and throughout your journey. The warden is on the look out for poachers, and is asking your party to keep an eye out. Elsewhere you will see Okapi, Sable Antelope, Black Rhinoceros, Bongos, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Thompson’s Gazelles (better known as Tommies), Kopje Lions, Nile Crocodiles, Eland, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Warthogs, and, the symbol of the Harambe Reserve, the Sable Antelope. The lay of the land travels through forests and savannahs spotted with baobab trees and termite mounds, mounds which make perfect scratching posts for the Reserve’s most well-known inhabitants, elephants. Suddenly, the poachers’ presence has been revealed, along with the deaths they have caused to the animals of the Reserve, and they are on the run. On the last leg of your expedition, there is one question to ask yourself, will you help the animals of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve by assisting Warden Matua in trapping the poaches?

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