27 November 2007

Our first wandering steps

Sidewalks are everywhere. What, you don't believe me? Just look down.

Okay, what do you notice? Anything? Well you should. Even if it is just down the street from your office, or in front of your own home, sidewalks have character. Between the cracks, imprints, and patterns of the tools used to smooth them out, there is a lot to be noticed.

The sidewalks inside of Walt Disney World are no exception. The have paw and hoof prints, plant life, tire tracks, cracks, foundations, old trolley lines, and, in some cases, special effects. If there are things lacking in the theme parks, and there are certainly discrepancies, as noted in the Passport to Dreams’ current article, it certainly isn’t in the foundations. Below are a few of my favorite paths to tread. Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, complete with leaf prints and bicycle tracks, Innoventions Plaza in Epcot, at night, complimented by its glowing pads, Sunset Blvd. in Disney-MGM Studios, broken pavement and old rails poking through, and the Magic Kingdom’s Bazaar in Adventureland, cracks, pieces of tiles, and jewelry all present in the design.

For a bonus, here is the sidewalk from the Condor Flats area of California Adventure. Notice the runway type mechanics, that are so easily disregarded by passersby, which enhance the overall aesthetics of the area.

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