11 November 2007

His story began as a typical Hollywood tale – Part I

On my last trip to Walt Disney World I received my first ever Magical Moment certificate, and it couldn’t have been a more fitting one. I took a quiz in One Man’s Dream, at Disney-MGM Studios, and was awarded an Honorary Disney Historian Certificate.
Overall, I understand that this doesn’t mean anything, anyone can grab the quiz, search the exhibits for the answers (some of which are basic Disney facts), and turn it in for the award, but, to me, this truly meant something. For one, I took the quiz without searching through the exhibits. Secondly, while I don’t feel like I am some prodigy of Disney knowledge, or even Walt Disney World lore, I feel that growing up so close and spending so much time there has heightened my awareness of the World around me and afforded me the opportunity to pass on some of what I have seen, learned, and researched with all of those who want to know more about Walt Disney World. The Honorary Disney Historian Certificate, while simple a piece of paper, was to me what the Honorary ThD (Doctor of Thinking) from the Universitartus Committiartum E Pluribus Unum was to the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. What I know may not be confirmed by any institution or Disney archivist, but it gave me the confidence to continue on with what I started here a few months ago.

I wanted to try and figure out a way to share this experience with all of you, besides just droning on about my experience, and then it hit me. I still had the copy of the quiz that I took. So, today I am going to publish the quiz questions and give you about a day or so to get your answers together. You can either post them as comments, write them down on a piece of paper next to your computer, or just take a moment to think about them and hold on to your best guesses. Then tomorrow I’ll reveal the answers and talk about each a little.

Sorry, there are no real prizes or certificates for perfect scores, this is simply a way to quiz yourself, have a little fun, or test your own ability to do a little research. However, if you take the time to post your answers as a comment, then I will take the time to each person who had comments with all five correct answers in tomorrow’s answer edition.

Good luck!

1) Where was Walt Disney born?
2) What year did Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiere in movie theaters?
3) What actor portrayed the character of Zorro?
4) Which Disney animated classic inspired the Castle at the Disneyland Paris Theme Park?
5) Where can you find the world’s largest Hidden Mickey?

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Unknown said...

Congrats on the certificate!

It might actually be the closest any of of come to being certified...at least by Disney, anyway.