26 August 2016

A Unique Look at the Life and Times of Walt Disney

This week I was able to join the Disney Magic Hour Podcast crew as we virtually toured the Walt Disney Family Museum. It was a thorough report from Pete’s recent trip, and definitely made me want to check out the museum as soon as I can, not unlike how I’ve always felt about the museum! The episode is definitely a primer if you are planning on visiting soon or just want to get a better feel for what the museum has to offer.

The exploration reminded me of all of the wonderful information we were able to gleam from the gallery by gallery tour that the Walt Disney Family Museum released to the public in the summer and early fall of 2009, just prior to the museum’s October 1 opening. While many things have changed since then, plenty has remained the same, and the press releases can set an excellent stage for a visit. Or as an elongated post card for those of us without a visit on the horizon! Rather than make everyone dig back through the Gazette’s archives to find these gems, I’ve pooled them all here for you to wade into. Enjoy!

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