09 August 2016

Citrus Groves and Sea Turtles

Last year we showcased the artwork and story from the prospectus for Disney Vacation Club’s Hilton Head Island Resort. Today, we thought we would turn our attention to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

With the Vero Beach Resort we’re going back to 1994, a year prior to the resort opened to the public. It is clear from The Inn is the hub of activity here and the sea turtles would figure prominently into the stories and activities of the resort. There are also stories present within Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Just like Royce Edmunds for Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, within this brochure we are introduced to the area and the history by a longtime guest of Vero Beach, Katie Hindsdale. We’ll let her set the scene for you:

It all started back in 1890 – the summer Great Aunt Katie first took the train down to Vero Beach with her parents.
According to my Aunt Katie’s old travel diary, Vero Beach wasn’t much more than citrus groves and sea turtles back then. That was around the turn of the century – long before anyone guessed there was a shipwreck full of treasure off the coast here (but that’s another story, entirely).
Our family has summered here in Vero Beach for nearly a century. Every Hindsdale grandchild has spent their summers collecting shells and treasure along the shores. We’ve celebrated plenty of birthdays and anniversaries – even a wedding or two over the years. Vero Beach has become a real family treasure.
So you can imagine how delighted I was to discover Disney Vacation Club at Vero Beach, a beautiful seaside resort, built right on the Atlantic Ocean! This resort captures all the magic and old-fashioned charm of the great old resorts of Aunt Katie’s era.
I can’t imagine a place I’d rather spend time with my family and friends – relaxing in the warm Florida sunshine. And if Great Aunt Katie were still around, I’m certain she’d agree.
Katie Hindsdale

Pirates, citrus groves, the beach, and old Florida charm… Count me in! It’s easy to see why so many guests would come to love the Vero Beach Resort over the years. At the heart of any Disney experience guests will find the crossroads where family and friends meet unforgettable stories, and that is precisely what Vero Beach offers us in this quick glimpse.

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