29 August 2016

The Cup That Will Transport You - Part VIII

With all of the destinations for breakfast around Walt Disney World, it's no wonder that Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Co. is always finding a new blend to unveil for those of us who want a little bit of the parks in our cups once we return home. Of course not all coffee is consumed for breakfast, there are the midday pick-ups and after meals variety as well. Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Co.'s most recent release features a blend from one such dinner location, and a guest favorite dining location to boot, Le Cellier. It can be hard to get a table one of Epcot's signature dining experiences, tucked away beneath the towering Hotel du Canada, but this bag is available right now! Let's stop carrying on and see what our resident taste-tester thought.

As a reminder, since it's been a while since we had a Cup of Disney review, we start with a bag of whole bean coffee and grand our own as needed at home. For the review itself, we utilize tasting notes from Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Co. and our own thoughts, a list of our rankings of all Walt Disney World and Joffrey's offerings, and then a catalog of previous reviews.

Le Cellier (Dark) – Only an exquisite dining experience under sweeping stone arches and flickering candles at Le Cellier Steakhouse can be complete with an equally exquisite coffee. Our roastmater created this exclusive blend using beans from Central and S. America, then perfectly roasts them to a rich dark level that brings out notes of citrus with sweet caramel-brown sugar and lovely smoky finish. Try it in a French press, after all that's how the Canadians like to prepare this wonderful elixir.

What Aileen Tastes:
For those of you who have reads our other reviews, you all know that I am normally excited to test out a dark roast coffee, but I have to say this one was a bit of a letdown. When I opened the grinder, the smoky aroma was immediately overwhelming.  I felt like I had been transported to a late night campout or a Labor Day barbecue. For me, this was not a positive, but I am sure that some of you would enjoy this unique aspect of the Le Cellier roast as it definitely felt like I was suddenly sitting inside a coffeehouse.  When it comes to taste, I did not detect any citrus, but did taste the sweet caramel-brown sugar fighting its way through.  Unfortunately, I tasted more bitterness and smokiness than anything else.  For me it was not smooth enough to pair with breakfast foods, which happens to be the main meal where I enjoy coffee. However, I truly believe this coffee would pair well with the offerings at Le Cellier, especially the beef entrees and poutine. If you enjoy the extremely dark and bitter spectrum of coffee roasts, I think this could be a great option for you. If you try this blend, let us know what you thought!

Overall Cup of Disney Rankings:
1 – French Bistro
2 – California Grill
 Flying Fish Espresso
– Trattoria al Forno
5 – Flying Fish
6 – Sanaa
7 – Yachtsman Steakhouse
8 – Kona Blend
9 – Citricos
10 – Victoria & Albert's
11 – Narcoossee's
12 – Tusker House
13 – Jiko
14 – Artist Point
15 - Le Cellier
16 – Flavors of Africa
17 – Hollywood Blend
18 – The Wave

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