06 August 2009

The Walt Disney Family Museum - Part IV

The Walt Disney Family Museum has released some amazing material to date, and yet they continue to provide more as we inch closer and closer to the October 1 Grand Opening. With everything we’ve seen so far, I wish I could find some way to get out there for the opening, but it looks like it will have to wait another year or so. For those of you wishing for a first-hand experience, the museum has begun selling tickets, as well as pre-orders for their book The Man, The Magic, The Memories (which is a must have in this household), on the Walt Disney Family Museum website. They are recommending approximately two hours for viewing all of their galleries, but, if pushed, I imagine I could spend all day within those halls.

I hope you enjoy, as much as I do, this week’s selections. Thanks again Andi!
Gallery 4 – The Move to Features: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsHaving redefined the art of animation, Walt dares to produce a feature-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. During the four years that it was in development, Disney and his brother Roy secured six-figure loans – each loan enough to finance an entire movie – time after time, and skeptics called the film “Disney’s Folly.” Disney brought in an art instructor to work with his team and insisted that the animators study live models and animals. The studio created a Character Model Department, which constructed small sculptures of characters which let animators study characters in the round. Snow White premiered on December 21, 1937, and Disney won a unique Academy Award™ for the innovative movie: a standard-sized Oscar™ and seven miniatures.Original art from Snow White, three-dimensional model figures, magazines of the period, audio clips, and a wide array of related 1930s merchandise will help recreate the story of Disney’s pioneering effort to produce Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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