11 August 2016

Famous Sausages

Meat on a stick. It’s a simple description that applies to a lot of dishes that cover the range from street and carnival foods all the way up to fancy hor d'oeuvres. This description also happens to be the hallmark of the summer staple, the corn dog. Over at the Harambe Market in Disney’s Animal Kingdom they have a couple varieties of meat on a stick, one of which is a nontraditional take on the corn dog, as a part of the Famous Sausages stall.

Let’s start with something simple, the Grilled Chicken Skewer. I don’t have a lot to say about this offering, other than I would order it again in a heartbeat. There are no fillers like onion, peppers, or tomatoes that you would see on a kebab. The skewer is just tender, grilled to perfection chicken. Nothing fancy, just delicious, and it makes you wonder about Famous Sausages’ main offering.

That would be the Beef and Pork Sausage, the Harambe Market equivalent of the corn dog, for those keeping track. This sausage is coated in a curried corn batter and then fried up to golden perfection. It looks like an odd, long and thin corn dog variation, and that is essentially where the comparison ends. The crispy batter tastes sweet; with a set of spices that definitely gives it an African vibe. The sausage is an excellent blend of pork and beef, and it completes the sweet and savory combo that this dish seeks to provide. It’s a hit with adults looking for something new, and I absolutely loved it, but I could see children not being thrilled with this dressed up version of their favorite summer meal.

Both entrees come with green papaya slaw and black-eyed pea, corn, and tomato salad currently. However, at the time when I sampled both the Grilled Chicken Skewer and the Beef and Pork Sausage, the side dish was a roasted broccoli and tomato salad. What I can offer up is that the vegetables were incredibly fresh, and provided a great burst of flavor that complimented the savory elements expertly. If they’ve kept that same level of quality in the transition of the side dishes, you will not be disappointed.

The Harambe Market has a lot of offerings, and most can be ordered across the various ordering lines, not just where you see the sign a specific stall. Each one is unique, but feels familiar somehow. I have long been a fan of almost any food that you can call meat on a stick, and Famous Sausage definitely hits the mark in its contributions to the larger market.

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