01 March 2013

Wall-To-Wall Creeps

I am a stickler for not using flash photography for on ride photos. Sure, with the camera I have, that usually means the pictures I take aren’t as crisp and clean as I would like, but it is all about maintaining the integrity of the attraction, its special effects secrets, and the enjoyment for all the guests. Once or twice I have broken my own rule, such as when I took this photograph a few years back inside the Haunted Mansion. Of course, on that trip, I was literally the only person in my stretching portrait gallery and no one was in line when I got to the doombuggies. Flash photography isn’t the topic of today’s article, but I wanted to be clear about my feelings for it and how this picture was obtained before we got going.

Actually, I need your help today! For quite a few years, I noticed a hidden portrait tucked away in the corner of the Haunted Mansion, but I could never quite make out what it was. It is situated between the ballroom and the attic. As you begin the turn, moving away from the organist and dancing couples, right where the railing meets the wall, there is a painting hanging there in the shadows. What is it a picture of? Take a look for yourselves.

It is definitely creepy enough to fit in at the Haunted Mansion, right? The question is, what is this painting? Who was it painted by? I have asked a number of individuals and sifted through as much artwork associated with the Haunted Mansion as I could, but it has all been for naught. I’m hoping one of you, the well-traveled readers out there, may be able to shine a bit of light on this Haunted Mansion mystery!

Give me your theories, the avenues you think I should pursue, or just out and out state what you know about the picture. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as this enigma plays out.

UPDATE: That didn’t take long, did it?

All my searching, and the story of this portrait was right before all of our eyes for the longest time. According to FoxxFur of Passport to Dreams Old and New, “From 1971 to 2007 that was in the hallway leading to the Library on-ride and had the ‘follow-you’ eyes. It is an adaptation of two pieces of Marc Davis concept art for the character which eventually became the bride. For use as a ‘follow-you’ eye gag, the woman's candle was replaced with opera glasses. The portrait was removed in 2007 and re-touched with new eyes added before being put in its current spot. Who actually painted it is a contentious issue. Some people say that Davis painted all eleven of the 1971 ‘staring’ portraits. They are all based on Davis concept art and do display his characteristic bold color, but I'm not convinced. One way or another, that painting has always been somewhere in the ride.

Thanks again to the always knowledgeable FoxxFur for giving us some incredible insights!

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Rich T. said...

What a great, creepy portrait! I wonder why it was moved from its original spot?

I completely agree with your philosophy on ride photos. I don't use flash. I even try to make sure the glow from my phone or camera screen won't get in anyone's line of sight!