05 March 2013

A Prize Every Fifteen Seconds

Yesterday we took on the current state of celebrations throughout Walt Disney World. The celebration that I always remember when talking about park’s birthdays is Walt Disney World’s Fifteenth Anniversary. Not only did this celebration include a song that would worm its way into your brain, 15 Years of Magic, but they also gave away an assortment of prizes on a very specific schedule! While I only ever won the EPCOT Center pin featuring Spaceship Earth and a monorail, still a cherished piece in my collection, some other guests won some very big prizes…

“CELEBRATING FIFTEEN HAPPY YEARS -- While celebrating the Walt Disney World Fifteenth Anniversary, Mickey, Minnie and the gang will be giving away a prize every fifteen seconds throughout the year-long celebration. Daily, a brand new Chevrolet will be given away to some lucky guest at either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot Center.”

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