06 March 2013

Meat Can Be Neat

Sliders, those small sandwiches that are able to be consumed in a couple of bites, became incredibly popular a couple of years back. Although their celebrity is not as powerful today as, say, the cupcake, they still have their place in our food culture. And in Walt Disney World. To find some of the best sliders on property you have to venture away from the parks and into River Roost Lounge at Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside.

Obviously, the most popular of River Roost Lounge’s exports in Bob Jackson, also known as Yehaa Bob. The next thing it should be known for, however, is their Prime Rib Sliders. A stack of prime rib, caramelized onions, horseradish sauce, and watercress piled atop a brioche bun. Oh, and there is a side of Cajun potato chips to sweeten the deal.

The bun is pillowy soft and is easy to clamp your hands down on, making the little bites a bit more manageable. The watercress has a great crunch. The horseradish sauce listed on the menu is a bit misleading. I was unable to taste the stringent bite of the horseradish, but there were ample amounts of blue cheese, which isn’t even listed on the menu. That said, the cheese added a great creamy, salty taste to the sliders. The caramelized onions were sweet and stringy, and added that tectonic shift and slide most sandwiches get from a tomato. As for the prime rib, it was tender and was thick cut, which allowed the extra fat in the meat to be converted to juices, which was easily absorbed by the bun. Overall, delicious!

The chips were tangy from the Cajun seasonings, but nothing dramatically special here. They mostly served as an excellent vehicle for shoveling up the extraneous pieces of prime rib, onion, or blue cheese that had escaped the sliders.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of River Roost Lounge’s Prime Rib Sliders is that this is the only place they are available. This is not a pity piece of Boatwright’s appetizer menu or readily available in Riverside Mill. Instead, the Prime Rib Sliders have one distinct home, and I am always ready for a visit to River Roost Lounge!

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