27 March 2013

Serve with Flair

Bread has a lot of standing in our society. We say we should break bread when we want to have a meeting and we compare innovations to sliced bread. The fact of the matter is there are few things simpler and yet ingrained in our culture than bread. At Sanaa they offer a bread service that is the perfect way, night or day, to sample the best a culture has to offer while enjoying the food staple we all know and love.

The Bread Service gives you three breads and three accompaniments from a selection of five breads and nine trimmings. For the bread section, guests have a choice between Traditional Naan, Garlic Ginger Naan, Spiced Naan, Onion Kulcha, and Pappadum. For the uninitiated naan is a flatbread, as is kulcha, the difference is naan uses yeast and kulcha uses baking powder/soda. Pappadum is a thin, cracker-like bread, comprised of chickpeas. For the accompaniments guests can choose between Red Chile Sambal, Cucumber Raita, Coriander Chutney, Mango Chutney, Coconut Chutney, Garlic Pickle, Spicy Jalapeño-Lime Pickle, Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus, and Tamarind Chutney.

We never pass up a chance to sit down and spend some quality time with the bread service, but let’s just run through our latest sampling for today. Garlic Naan, Onion Kulcha, and Pappadum were our selections for breads and our accompaniments were our Red Chile Sambal, Coconut Chutney, Spicy Jalapeño-Lime Pickle. The Garlic Naan and Onion Kulcha were both pillowy and crispy with some great root flavors from their garlic and onion. The Pappadum was brittle in the best of ways with a nutty taste to it. If it isn’t already obvious, we like heat in our household. The Red Chile Sambal is a paste that brings the heat, but the Spicy Jalapeño-Lime Pickle has a slow heat that will build as you consume more and most certainly put some sweat on the brow. The Coconut Chutney is creamy and cool, and will bring relief to your scorched tongue.

There is not a bad pairing of breads and accompaniments with Sanaa’s Bread Service. Every flavor has been methodically considered and brings out the best of its ingredients. There are plenty of reasons to visit Sanaa, but there is none closer to home and our hearts than the Bread Service. Give it a try some time, I promise you your stomach and taste buds will thank you!


KJ @ PlustheMagic said...

The bread service at Sanaa is the stand-out memory from a trip I took a while back- and that's saying a lot! I think about this meal all the time. You're absolutely right when you say there's not a bad pairing. I can't wait to try a few new combinations the next time I visit!

Rich T. said...

Until now, Sanaa was kind of off-the-radar when I thought about my next WDW trip. This sounds so appealing, different and relaxing -- now it's a must-try!

Miss Emma said...

LOVE Sanaa. I could eat that naan bread all day. :)