14 June 2012

That is not a toy

Last week, Gamma Squad unveiled this image depicting the main sources of Star Wars revenue. As a fan since I could toddle, I would love to think the primary cash stream comes from the movies themselves, or from the multitude of novels that I devoured as quickly as they could be released, but as you can see from the deep blue tint coating almost half of the Millennium Falcon the majority of profits come from toys. In fact, the revenue from the next three sources combined (videogames, box office, and DVDs) still come up short of what toys alone bring in.

So, what’s so cool about toys from a galaxy far, far away? Well, you could go to your local toy department to figure this out, but Star Tours and Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers so many more unique options to investigate.

Whether a child gets to participate in the Jedi Training Academy, wielding a training lightsaber against Darth Vader, or not, it doesn’t change the fact that many a child feels as if they are a Jedi like their fathers (and/or mothers) before them. Luckily for those kids, Jedi robes are available mere steps away in Tatooine Traders, home to more merchandise than you could shake a mynock at.

The robes may make the man, but as we have learned from countless books and movie quips, it is the lightsaber that makes the Jedi. Construction of a lightsaber is a very personal and special moment in the training of a Jedi, and Tatooine Traders has given up ample space on its floor to dedicate an area specifically to the creation of lightsabers. the personalized blades can be seen wielded by padawans and parents alike all throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the resorts, these days.

Then there are the vehicles, while there are always classics like X-Wings or AT-ATs, Star Tours offers up its own unique line of StarSpeeders. In Tatooine Traders you can find them in all shapes in sizes, from full sized, ready and waiting your action figures’ arrivals, to miniatures and even LEGO versions. Why, there are even Disney Racers which model their matchbox car designs on famous and infamous Star Wars characters like Vader, jawas, Wedge Antilles, and R2-D2!

Action figures are the hallmark of a solid Star Wars collection, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is in on the action here as well. Sure, there is the usual assortment of figures ready to reenact the Battle of Endor, but there are also costume clad characters, like Mickey, Stitch and Pete, that are commonplace these days, as are Star Wars outfitted Muppets. Characters are everywhere, with guests having the ability to buy plush Wickets, Yoda backpacks, and R2-D2 Mickey Ears.

As long as there are creative individuals who are attuned to the Force, the possibilities for toys and other Star Wars merchandise is limitless. The Force is strong with Star Wars, and everyone wants a way to take a piece of it home with them, which is why there is always something new on the shelves and racks of Tatooine Traders, and that is as it should be.


Matt said...

Star Wars merchandising has been huge, especially at Hollywood Studios. The build your own droid thing is insanely popular.

melissa sue said...

I know I say this all the time, but I just love your writing. I couldn't give a hoot about Star Wars, but I read and enjoyed this anyway.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Matt, I actually had a whole paragraph in my head about the Droid station, and it totally slipped by me when I was writing this. That's what I get for writing in the wee hours of the night.

Melissa, I'm glad you enjoy it! My wife keeps telling me I'm talking over people, but I'm always hoping to raise the discourse and I never want to talk down to people.