29 June 2012

I brake for jackalopes

Sometimes you see cars that are nice and clean, without the clutter of bumper stickers. Other times a car may have one or two that represent an ideal that an individual is passionate about, or that is just darn funny. Then, there are people who are so passionate, that they spread themselves thin trying to support their causes, and redecorating their car with an overwhelming number of stickers. None of these are either right or wrong; they are just as unique as each one of us.
 Filmore, Cars’ 1960 VW Van, falls into the very passionate about a lot of things category. The hippy van, who crafts his own organic fuels, has views on everything from fuels and the mother road to peaceful coexistence and 2D animation! (There are also some clever Pixar references along Filmore's backside, see how many you can find!) Guests staying at Art of Animation can take a few moments with Filmore and see just how many causes one bumper can support.

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