17 June 2012

Disney This Week - 17 June 2012

The highlight of this week was the annual International Hollywood Studios Appreciation Week held by Studios Central. The brainchild of Matt Hochberg, he has culled all of the participating articles, photographs, quips, and podcasts and put them together in one easy to use list. There are a ton of articles I would link to this week, but this handy compilation does the trick, so head on over there! Thanks again for another thought provoking week and for collecting it all, Matt!

While it may not be quite up to Steve Barrett’s standards, NASA recently found Mickey living on Mercury.

Michael Crawford points us towards Jon Seisa’s portfolio, and gives us a few model examples at Progress City, U.S.A.

AJ Wolfe samples a couple of Morocco’s adults-only slushies at The Disney Food Blog.

Eating WDW and Sarah Holodick take a bite out of the Sundowner Celebration’s Mandiza Donuts.

Adam and Andrew show readers just how much Disney a simple tea hutch can store in the Disney Hipster Blog.

There is an infograph that I am just dying to sink my teeth into! Miss Emma has rounded up the swarm of Walt Disney World cupcakes into a single, easy to digest image (also now a poster) on A Pinch of Pixie Dust.

Continuing her series great budget-sized bites, Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley serves up suggestions for Downtown Disney at The Affordable Mouse.

Melissa breaks down the wheelchair friendly transportation at Walt Disney World for The Info Mouse.

Makin’ Memories looks at one of my favorite artistic eateries when Melissa Loflin swings by the Anandapur Ice Cream Truck.

Sam Gennawey offers his take on a must read book for my collection at SamLand’s Disney Adventures, Building A Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture.

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