19 June 2012

A resort community like you've never seen before

As I started today’s article, an in depth look at the once grand Villas of Lake Buena Vista, I came to a sudden realization. There is simply no way that I could compile a more thorough picture than the one already crafted in Michael Crawford’s terrific piece: Lake Buena Vista Chronicles - Selling The Magic, 1972.

As I read through this narrative, it was the imagery that accompanied the piece that really made it strike home with me just how grand a stay in the villas must have been in the 1970s. If anything, that was the area where I felt I could add something to the conversation, to further delve into what life was like in those villas. With that in mind let’s take a tour of the villas, circa 1978. Oh, and while we are on our tour, please try not to gawk at the fashion sense of the guests, they weren’t told any better!


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steve2wdw said...

We stayed in the villas in February of 1976...we felt like we were living like kings. The villas were beautiful and HUGE! It was my just my grandparents and my sister and I, and I remember my grandmother remarking that it would be the perfect place for a Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family (the dining room and table seemed that big). These pictures bring back great memories.