26 June 2012

Bygone era of romance and charm

Once upon a time, a trip down the Sassagoula River would bring guests to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort and Disney’s Dixie Landings Resort. While the names may have changed when the resorts became part of the Port Orleans system in 2001, becoming French Quarter and Riverside, and some of the dining and amenities shifted, the scenery of both areas has stayed relatively the same. This is why the postcards from those early years epitomize the old saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same!”
Nestled on the banks of the mighty Sassagoula River, Disney’s Dixie Landings Resort recalls the days of the Old South, a time of gracious hospitality and charm.

Majestic oak trees draped with Spanish moss, stately mansions, and quaint Cajun country dwellings surround this lively complex of dining, shopping, and outdoor of activities.

Evoking a bygone era of romance and charm, the hidden courtyards, splashing fountains and lush gardens of Disney’s Port Orleans Resort create a welcome retreat. At the heart of it all is Doubloon Lagoon, where “Scales” the sea serpent invites visitors to make a splash!


Anonymous said...

I personally LOVE Port Orleans!! I have stayed at the French Quarter and will be staying at the Riverside (royal room) in October with my mom. The resort is lovely, comfortable and has something for everyone!! :)

Unknown said...

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