27 January 2011

One singular infestation

There is a theater buried in and around the roots of the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you’ve ever heard of the effect-laden film It’s Tough to be a Bug, then this comes as no surprise to you. What may be surprising is the story presented throughout the queue that may gain a giggle, but is often brushed aside like a fly.

No, I’m not talking about the ornate animal carvings that blend into the creases of the Tree of Life’s bark or even the carving and plaque dedicated to Dr. Jane Goodall, I am speaking about the posters advertising the upcoming performance of It’s Tough to be a Bug and the previous productions put on by the Tree of Life Repertory Theatre.First introduced in the exterior queue surrounding the Tree of Life are a selection of posters highlighting the various acts of It’s Tough to be a Bug. This creepy, crawly circus of sorts is a departure for the cast of the Tree of Life Repertory Theatre who are obviously more at home adapting Sondheim or cribbing from Tennessee Williams. The company’s list of credits, judging from the posters that line the lobby’s mud walls, include: The Dung and I, Antie, Beauty and the Bees, A Cockroach Line, Barefoot in the Bark, The Grass Menagerie, My Fair Ladybug, Little Shop of Hoppers, A Stinkbug Named Desire, and Web Side Story.

There are three portions of these poster that should be marveled at. One, their play on the posters from the original productions, such as the swap of the Beasts silhouette from Beauty and the Beast for that of a Bee on Beauty and the Bees. Secondly, the copious amounts of insect information provided on each poster about the lead bug, including that ladybugs produce a natural antifreeze. Lastly, the throw away details that were added to the posters, the reviews from notable critics like The Odor-lando Scent-inal.

Don’t make me keep bugging you about it, take a magnifying glass to the posters yourself, but only to look at the posters, not to set their stars on fire!


Ellen said...

Awesome post!!! I never looked at these posters in a lot of detail - particularly the little factoids about bugs. So clever and interesting too! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Mark said...

Absolutely great! Thanks!