26 January 2011

Chock full of protein

Liberty Inn, the Publick Dining Room off to one side of The American Adventure, has been a longstanding joke amongst those who frequent the eateries of World Showcase. There is a richness and breadth of variety to the food of World Showcase that makes guests wish for something more than hot dogs, chicken nuggets and hamburgers, especially when the American fare is so poorly prepared. Perhaps though, with the recent additions during the hamburger reformation of 2011 the case for Liberty Inn has changed.

In an effort to give the quick service location every opportunity to change its wayward methods, I gave one of the new burgers a once over. The third pound Angus burger is accompanied by bacon, smoked ham, smoked Gouda, red onion slices, tomato, lettuce, pickle and a mustard aioli sauce. This burger is the opposite of healthy, but the smokey flavors of the ham and Gouda and the addition of two kinds of pork give it a foothold in the burger household. The inclusion of the pickle and mustard aioli give the sandwich a nice tangy kick to counterbalance the smooth, smokiness inherent in the meats and cheese.

My dining counterpart and better half sampled the vegetable burger, which consisted of a veggie patty, Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomato. While I did not sample the new vegetarian option (did I mention my burger was beef with two kinds of pork?), my wife was pleasantly surprised by the offering.

All in all, the two new burger offerings do not change the structure of the menu at the Liberty Inn, but they do rearrange the array of flavors and my opinion of the dining hall. While there are still more diverse offerings in World Showcase, Liberty Inn now offers an easy out for parents of picky ‘I only want chicken nuggets’ eaters.

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M.Sedlar said...

Hooray! Veggie burgers at Epcot! It's really the best theme park anywhere, hands down, for vegetarians.