21 January 2011

I are smart

Restaurantosaurus, found deep within the heart of DinoLand U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is a mishmash of facilities with a storied history. From the oil stained garage complex and to the canvas bunk room now used for a storage space to the grand fishing lodge, turned original Dino Institute, turn dormitory for the graduate students working on various projects and digs, the vast number of layers and stories are fascinating.Perhaps none more so than this innocuous Airstream travel trailer. With a side cut out, the trailer offers enough room for two spacious booths and a jukebox, and is the perfect addition the hang out spot frequented by the grad students known as The Hip Joint. The exterior of the Airstream would not be complete unless adorned by the students trademark -osaurus game, where -osaursus is attached endlessly to words found throughout the Restaurant (sorry, Restaurantosaurus), in this case applied to the word International-osaurus. Also, in order to remove the word Airstream from the trailer, the students have rearranged the letters to form the sentence, I ARE SMART.

One of the more intriguing tales from the construction of Restaurantosaurus was the fact that this addition was home grown. That is to say, the Airstream travel trailer was purchased by Imagineers for the project from the grandmother of Imagineer Todd Beeson.

Just goes to show, you never know what you’ll find with a little bit of digging…

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