31 January 2011

Snapshots of the whole family

Walt Disney World is about having fun and making memories. Sometimes, and I know I myself can be to blame for this, we as a community can take things a little too seriously. So, today I wanted to give you one more way to loosen up while you’re on a vacation.

Now, I’m not one to generally purchase on-ride photos, I have after all been on most of those rides more times than I could count. Save for the occasional photo, such as when my wife and I were alone in our Splash Mountain flume log and I leaned over to give her a peck on the cheek as we started our plummet, these photos do not mean as much to me as guests on their first visit. But in that photo of my wife and I lies the answer for us veterans of touring, make the photos memorable.Over the past several years, I have begun to growl at the Carnotaurus or hide my wife from his pearly whites on Dinosaur. I’ve been known to throw up the horns on Rock ‘N’ RollerCoaster or pretend to be zombie on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and I‘m known for faking a nap on both. Oh, and Buzz Lightyear, let me just say my superhero pose is dead-on. Really, any random idea that I think will spice up a photograph, in a family friendly respect, I’ll give a whirl.I’ve been called a goof and idiot by friends and family, but they also know to check the photos after a ride instead of just walking by. This may seem counterproductive to obtaining lifelong memories of a trip, but give that a second thought. When working with PhotoPass photographers, do you remember the moment when they took the nice family portrait or the moment with Tinker Bell or a yeti claw and howl?

Letting loose and having a good time, regardless of who is going to see you make a goofy face, or wear a pair of Mickey Ears, is what a trip is all about. For all of you grizzled passholders out there, just remember that the next time you get onboard Expedition Everest. And then, let your wild side out just before the drop!

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