12 January 2011

Leave room for dessert

The Main Street Bakery has long been the hot spot for baked goods in Walt Disney World, but there is a new destination for savvy baked goods connoisseurs. Tucked away in a corner of Pollo Campero at Downtown Disney, and without a sign on the exterior of the restaurant, is a bakery secret that is sure to become a fast favorite, BabyCakes NYC.When you hear the words alternative bakery, most people cringe. However, I call BabyCakes NYC an alternative bakery because it totally rocks! If they didn’t tell you that their sweet treats were organic and didn’t contain white sugar or common allergens, such as wheat, dairy or eggs, you would never be the wiser. Trust me.To make sure that I was giving the BabyCakes NYC bakeshop a thorough review, I recently sampled a doughnut, cookie sandwich, cupcake and a frosting shot (provided to my wife for being a Walt Disney World Half-Marathon participant). The small group I taste tested with literally sat gnawing at the air while I photographed the goods, they looked that good. The cookies of the cookie sandwich, for being rather thin, contained both a great crunch and a chewiness that I look for in a well prepared cookie. The high quality of ingredients shined through in the lemon coconut doughnut, giving it just the right amount of bite and an airy, fluffy texture. The brownie cupcake with vanilla buttercream, however, stole the show. Even though the cupcake itself was a bit crumbly, the dessert was rich, moist, and filled with chocolatey goodness.While there are other BabyCakes NYC throughout the country, the destination in Downtown Disney brings new life to Walt Disney World. It serves health conscientious foods, it provides delicious dishes for guests with allergies and health concerns, it connects with its customers through a stellar use of social media (remember the frosting shot my wife received? I heard about the freebie on Twitter.), and even provides a glimpse into their process by having a window into their kitchen.BabyCakes NYC at Downtown Disney opens at 8:00am, the perfect time for that cup of coffee and a scrumptious doughnut, and serves guests until 11:00pm for those after dinner desserts. BabyCakes NYC founder, Erin McKenna, was ecstatic to bring her baked goods to Walt Disney World, but for my money and palate, it is the guests of Walt Disney World that should be over the moon at her bakery’s arrival.


Matt said...

Great review, I love Babycakes!

Unknown said...

Thank you so, so, so much for posting this! I am so delighted that you featured the bakery on the Main Street Gazette!

Lots of Love,
BabyCakes NYC