20 January 2011

Sure to get a fright

Not being artistically inclined myself, but having enjoyed the medium since I was a wee lad, I have got to believe that it is more fun to animate villains than heroes. Their wardrobe is sensational, their accessories are priceless and their look is incredibly distinctive, what’s not to love? Oh yes, I forgot one thing, how expressive their eyes are.

Inside the Villains In Vogue section of World of Disney at Downtown Disney, not to be confused with the Villains In Vogue shop found inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the best attributes of the worst villains have found a home, or should I say hideout? Artists have found a way to animate the dramatic glares of four classic villains in mural collages. The nuances of each piece, the details that can be gleamed from them and the life that is brought to each character is remarkable. Even though they are artistic representations, I still found myself with a shiver spiraling down my spine.

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