18 August 2010

Treats to share

There are certain foods that firmly stick to the memories of children as snacks meant only for vacations. One such gummy snack is taffy, which has always been available in Walt Disney World, specifically, along the lanes of Main Street U.S.A. Recently I rounded up the three types of taffy available in Walt Disney World and gave them a proper taste test. The three forms of taffy currently available are the Disneyland/Walt Disney World Taffy, Goofy’s Candy Co. Taffy, and Resort Delights Tropical Taffy.

Goofy’s Candy Co. and the Disneyland/Walt Disney World Taffy had very similar textures and tastes. In fact, even the patterns and colors found on the individual pieces of taffy mirrored one another. Typical taffy flavors comprise the mixed bags and the substantial chewiness of each piece allows for a longer tasting experience.

The Resort Delights offer a much different taffy experience than the previous two. For starters, the flavors are, indeed, more tropical and include coconut, citrus, and other exotic fruits. As for the consistency of the taffy, it has a softer texture and begins to dissolve in much less time than either Goofy’s or Disneyland/Walt Disney World.

While the tropical flavors are a nice excursion from the ordinary taffy flavors, I am more of a traditionalist and would much rather have a piece of taffy to chew over a period of time. However, for a park that does not sell gum, the taffy is a perfect replacement. Plus, it makes for a great snack at home or to share with the office after a trip to Walt Disney World.

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