03 August 2010

In those depths

Disney’s Living Seas was a television special that ran on NBC on January 24, 1986. The special was meant to pique potential guests’ interest in the new pavilion at EPCOT Center, and was helmed by a star studded cast, including John Ritter and Olivia Newton-John.

This photograph was part of the publicity push for the show, and showcases John Ritter and the diver lock-out chamber, as well as extras and the camera crew filming the event. To my eye, being able to see the camera crew, and not simply a still of John and the onlookers, is a real treat that viewers were not often privy to before the inclusion of bonus content on DVDs.

The video below shows the first section of the Disney’s Living Seas special, but unfortunately, has no sound to go along with it. However, you can see the very scene that was being shot here between 2:50 and 3:00 minutes into the special. If you pay close attention to the details in the film, which is easy to do without sound, you’ll not only get a glimpse of the diver lock-out chamber, but also Seasbase Alpha, the original ray Omnimover cars, and the Hydrolators.

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