17 August 2010

Humbug and Co.

Epcot’s World Showcase is a year-round cultural display seeking to display not only the culinary stylings, history, and traditions of the representative countries, but also how similar each civilization is to one another. On occasion, however, festivals are constructed to bring even more awareness to the cultures are of the world. One such event took place in 1984 and was known as WorldFest.The festival highlighted the music, arts, crafts, and stories from each of the countries included in World Showcase. In the United Kingdom, the World Showcase Players put on the tale of A Christmas Carol, as told by Humbug and Co.

While festivals such as WorldFest or the International Food and Wine Festival may seem repetitive to the cause of World Showcase, their novelty and limited-engagements have always brought more attention to the mission of World Showcase and the peoples of the world.

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