29 August 2010

Disney This Week - 29 August 2010

Amanda Tinney is getting ready for Halloween, with pirate face painting tips on Disney Every Day.

DisneyShawn author, Shawn Slater, explores the connection between Lights, Motors, Actionand the world-renowned stunt coordinator, Rémy Julienne.

Matt Hochberg explains why the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame calls Disney’s Hollywood Studios home at Studios Central.

There is a cupcake mystery afoot at The Disney Food Blog, and AJ is hot on the trail!

Greg Grimsley contemplates living close enough to Walt Disney World to drop in for an occasional visit at The Disney Obsession.

The True Disney Fan, otherwise known as Jessica Clawson, measures the miles of fun that can be walked at Walt Disney World.

Over at Tulgey Wood, Jim Fanning explores a project by Richard Sherman that breaks with preconceived notions.

Melissa Loflin takes a moment to capture Harambe’s Independence on Makin’ Memories.

Heather McPherson, of The Daily Disney, catches up with California Grill’s amazing sushi chef, Yoshie Cabral.

The fine folks at Imagineering Disney have dug up the original 1964 introductory presentation on CalArts.

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Matt said...

Lots of great links this week. Too bad mine has to drag the rest down ;)

Thanks Ryan & co. for the link love!