13 August 2010

Masks and beads

Plastered all throughout Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom are posters for various businesses that call Harambe home. One such business is Jorodi Masks & Beads, who claim to have ‘the finest collection of traditional art in East Africa.’

Like many of the names and posters found throughout the park, this one references a real individual, Imagineer Joe Rohde. Known for his unique earring, Joe Rohde was the driving force behind the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The actually storefront of Jorodi Masks & Beads can be found in the open air marketplace setting of Tusker House’s buffet. Along the second floor, over the hallway leading to the restaurant’s restrooms, is the small establishment whose walls and railings are adorned strings of beads and carved masks. In one final nod to Joe Rohde, there is an additional sign hanging from the handrail, this one reminds patrons that Jorodi also specializes in earrings.

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