20 August 2010

The big one

There are so many Toy Story gags found throughout Pixar Place and Toy Story Midway Mania, that sometimes the smaller details are left by the wayside. Take, for instance, this pair of mischievous monkeys.

The monkeys have obviously escape from the Barrel of Monkeys game, no doubt the same barrel and monkeys used by Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, and the rest of the toys to try and rescue Buzz after he had been unceremoniously whacked out of the window in Andy’s bedroom in the first Toy Story film. These are also the same monkeys used by Evil Doctor Porkchop (aka Hamm) for the fiendish trap known as Death by Monkeys.

Of course, most guests will recognize the monkeys scattered about the area. What makes this pair, found along the edge of the roof with a tree and small building protrusion masking their activities, intriguing is the rocket they are monkeying around with. The rocket in question is The Big One, the same rocket that Andy’s toy dissecting neighbor Sid strapped to Buzz to send him into outer space. This is the same rocket later used by Buzz and Woody to blast off down the road, return RC to the moving truck, and make their way back to Andy in his van towards the end of Toy Story.

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