06 August 2010

Reel slow mower

If there is a single solitary image from the incalculable number of hours my childhood that I spent at Walt Disney World, it is this, the Lawnmower Tree. Found in the Settlement area of Fort Wilderness, between Pioneer Hall and the Settlement Trading Post, the legend of the Lawnmower Tree reads:
Too long did Billy Bowlegs
Park his reel slow mower
Alas, one warm and sunny day
Aside a real fast grower.
The honest truth of the matter is that the imbedded lawnmower was found during the construction of Fort Wilderness and given a bewildering backstory, suitable to its bizarre nature. Several years back, however, it was recognized that the growth of the tree was, in all actuality, swallowing up the lawnmower. The tree was cut above the mower in order to preserve the quirky corner of Fort Wilderness. Today, a majority of the bark has been peeled away by a variety of sources including weather and the hands of children, but Billy’s mower remains, a steadfast chuckle inducer.

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Greg said...

Been a while since I've seen the Lawnmower Tree. Thanks for sharing.