14 May 2010

Chicken (really!!)

Fridays, on the Gazette, means a closer look at an often overlooked detail. Fridays, in my center, is also the day that menus are released and I know what I will be dining on for lunch for the next week. In order to celebrate both of these things, today we’ll take a closer look a detail from the Jungle Cruise queue that Chik-fil-A would be proud of.

With all of the wit and wordplay found throughout the line for Jungle Cruise, some of the greatest pieces come just before guests board their boat, or just after they have disembarked. From the various radio broadcasts, signs, and other dockside displays, it does appear that the skippers have a less that glamorous life. A bright spot in any life is some good food to eat after a long day. So, what is the fantastic fare the crew gets to dine on regularly? Let’s take a peak in the pans!

Fricasse of Giant Stag Beetle (taste a but like chicken)
TuesdayBarbecued Three-Toed Skink (has a chickeny flavor)
WednesdayConsomme of River Basin Slug (poultry like)
ThursdayFill of Rock Python (chicken-esque)

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The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

LOL! Have to love Jungle Cruise humor!! We just got back from a Keys to the Kingdom tour w/ my 16 y-o son and had such fun doing the Jungle Cruise tour-style!