25 May 2010

The site of the 26th World Congress

Founded in 1919, the International Chamber of Commerce is an organization that seeks to be ‘the voice of world business championing the global economy as a force for economic growth, job creation and prosperity.’ Throughout the world, the ICC has eighty-four national committees and hosts a variety of conferences with the aim to engage the most challenging problems facing the global economy. Every two years the ICC hosts a World Congress that was, up until the year 1978, held in the capital of the host nation.In 1978 the host nation was the United States, but the 26th World Congress would not be held in Washington D.C., instead it would venture south to Walt Disney World. It would be before this body of 2,500 business executives and political leaders that Card Walker, then President and Chief Executive Officer of Walt Disney Productions, would make the announcement of EPCOT Center on 2 October 1978. The members of the World Congress, with business ties around the globe that would be crucial for pavilion sponsorships, were the first to preview the plans for the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. One attendee who spent a good deal of time conversing with Card Walker about the plans was President Jimmy Carter, seen below with plenty of concept art hanging in the background.Walt Disney World sent the International Chamber of Commerce 26th World Congress back home with a fireworks display that would linger long in their memories as they began to wonder about their own futures with EPCOT Center.

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