13 May 2010

A lesson for the future

Inside the American Adventure many guests pause to take in the historical artifacts presented in the National Treasures gallery, but very few take the time to wander through the hall the observe the secondary gallery. Surrounding the rotunda on both the first and second floors are a series of paintings depicting some of the more poignant moments and emotions of the United States' history. It should be noted that these paintings have been completed by some of the most renowned artists and Imagineers of the era, including Herbert Ryman, Robert McCall, Clem Hall, and Sam McKim.

Today, peruse the gallery below, but be sure to make time during your next visit to Epcot to enjoy and fully appreciate these pieces of art.
Defending FreedomTom Gilleon

Election DayClem Hall

The Promise of AmericaHerbert Ryman

A Lesson for the FutureGuy Deel

Staying the CourseMichael Lloyd

Reaching for the StarsRobert McCall

Westward Ho!Jack Martin Smith

Building a Future TogetherClem Hall

Seeds of HopeBill Fleming

Compassion Knows No BoundsClem Hall

Giving ThanksSam McKim

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Unknown said...

Thank you for this post. After visiting Epcot and frequenting The American Adventure dozens of times since the park's opening, it wasn't until a few years ago I noticed that the painting in the American Adventure were painted by Disney Imagineers. I was so impressed and I wish that everyone who visits this wonderful attraction was aware of this fact. I so appreciate that you have posted this bit of information and let's continue to share it with everyone! The artwork is wonderful and it is another example of the incredible talent of Disney Imagineers. Why, there is even artwork by Herb Ryman, the gentleman who drew the first and original Disneyland map!