20 May 2010

Muppet Studios

For the past several decades, 3D was thought of as a gimmick, not as a technique that could enhance the depth of field in a film. These days 3D is here to stay, and more and more cinemas are rushing to convert theaters so that they are able to keep up with current 3D technology. With all of the talk about 3D, it makes one wonder, what will be coming next to the big screen?

Perhaps the team at Muppet Labs, the creators of MuppetVision, has the answer. As guests wind their way along the exterior queue for MuppetVision 3D, one of the sights they will encounter is a selection of some of the finely crafted Muppet feature films. There is a distinction to be found among the posters, notices that were put in place when the attraction originally opened featured a variety of filming styles, while the newer posters, which include Beak-E, Hammah Montana, High School Mayhem, Pirates of the Amphibian – At Wit’s End, and Wild Frogs, were created without an additional filming gimmick. What, precisely, are these filming techniques that Muppet Labs brought to the future of filming? Time to explore them for ourselves.

The Bride of Froggen-Schwein: Filmed in Shock-O-Rama (So scare-raising it’s hair raising!)

Cleopigtra: Filmed in Sniff-A-Ramma (Something stinks and it ain’t the sphinx)

Dive Hard 2: Wet-O-Rama (So real your fingers will get all pruney)

Follow the Feet: Filmed in Blista-Vision (So real your tootsies will ache!)

It Called From Outer Space: Filmed in amazing! VacuuVision (No Air – No Gravity – No Kidding)

Star Chores: Filmed in Stellar Vision (So real you’ll see stars!)

The Pigseidon Adventure: Filmed in Flood-O-Rama (So Real You’ll Go Glub! Glub! Glub!)

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