12 May 2010

Course by course - Part II

Now that we have had a few snacks at Disneyland’s Candy Palace and the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionery, I think it is time for a more substantial meal. Remember to check out The Disney Food Blog for the Disneyland companion meal to today’s quick service supper.

If there is one common awareness within the Disney community when it comes to food it is that, despite the wealth of wonderful flavors and textures presented throughout Walt Disney World, they have yet to come up with a way to craft exceptional pizza. Never having partook in the various forms throughout the resort, and because of a reader request, I took my discerning pizza palate to Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There are many enduring images from the film Toy Story, but one of the unique locales created for the movie was the spaceport known as Pizza Planet. Filled with galactic games and cosmic pizza, the idea of such a place coming to life is a boy’s dream come true. The version found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, however, is not the sleek spaceport seen in the movies, it looks more akin to a cobbled together establishment in the Water and Power Building located across from MuppetVision 3D with a mural of the original Pizza Planet hanging from the rafters. With an assortment of arcade games found in any game room on property, this version of Pizza Planet could do with an upgrade or refurbishment to look more like the games visible in the film. Either way, the games will hold any arcade junky’s interest for a few minutes while enjoying the cool air conditioning and break from the Florida sun.

The menu offers three types of pizza, cheese, pepperoni, and a vegetable option that features mushrooms, peppers, onions, and tomatoes, and can be served with or without a mixed greens side salad. In addition to these pizzas, two full size salads are available, the Pizza Planet Chicken Salad (chopped romaine, grilled chicken, cantaloupe, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peas, and basil in a balsamic vinaigrette) and the Caprese Salad (chopped romaine, red and yellow grape tomatoes, mozzarella, kalamata olives, cucumber, and basil in a balsamic vinaigrette). While I did not partake in either of the large salads, I did see others guests who had ordered them, and they did look tempting.

My meal consisted of the personal pepperoni pizza and mixed green side salad. Located at the condiments stand, three Ken’s dressings can be found for the salad, blue cheese, Italian, and ranch. The portion sizes for both the pizza and the salad are just right for either lunch or dinner. As for the taste and texture of the pizza, the crust was a bit doughy, and there was a bit more grease than I am used to, but the pepperoni and the cheese both had good flavor to them. While not the best pizza I have ever dined upon, the personal pizzas are better than the pizzas at the local Chuck E. Cheese’s or the like.

Overall, I’d love to see some improvements to the environment and to the pizza offerings, but Pizza Planet is definitely a draw for families. The pizza would definitely fit the bill for quick bites in between arcade games. If you are an adult looking for a good meal around the Streets of America, and the Studios Catering Co. is closed, the full sized salads are a decent call.

Now, I know the question you are all asking, how is pizza handled on the West Coast? Well, I’m glad you asked! Head on over and see AJ’s review of Disneyland’s Red Rockett’s Pizza Port over at The Disney Food Blog. And be sure to come back next week when we’ll sit down for another meal together!

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Matt said...

Given that I grew up on the pizza in the New York area, pizza in WDW (and the south as a whole) is substandard and Pizza Planet doesn't change that. The pizza here I've found to be nothing special and I agreed with much of your assessment. As much as I love DHS, not a fan of this pizza place.