23 May 2010

Disney This Week - 23 May 2010

Often times, when speaking of the Golden Age of Hollywood visible through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we speak about architecture or the Streetmosphere characters, but what about the vehicles? Shawn Slater has the answers for us over at DisneyShawn, where he discusses where and when to find the Studio vehicles.

What could be better than a meal in 1972? Why having the recipe in 2010 of course! George Taylor gives us just that, a view in King Stefan’s Banquet Hall and recipe from the establishment, this week at Imaginerding.

Since its transplanting, the Pooh treehouse has been causing quite a stir. Found at the Disney Parks Blog, Thomas Smith features a video that showcase why and how the Pooh tree was repurposed.

As so many of us did, I grew up with Walter Cronkite in various forms. I also spent a good portion of my youth absorbing all the science fiction I could. Michael Crawford presents a video that combines both of these things when Walter Cronkite meets TRON on Progress City U.S.A.

Also from Disney on television, Vintage Disneyland Tickets examines a February 1971 TV Guide, that features a special filmed entirely in Disneyland.

While a little off topic for a Disney-related article, Dave takes Daveland readers on a tour of Batman photographs and then to the original Batcave entrance!

In the continuing series of Disneyland and Walt Disney World meal selections, AJ and The Disney Food Blog toured Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival. Meanwhile, we here at the Main Street Gazette began licking our chops for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

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