07 May 2010

Merely trekking in the Himalayas

As trekkers destined to scale the Forbidden Mountain, guests of Expedition Everest make stops at the Himalayan Escapes Tours and Expeditions’ office, The Yeti Museum, shrines, and outfitters, among several other sites. The final stop is the train station and platform, but lest we begin to believe we can make this journey alone, we are reminded of the entire team effort that is required to experience a successful trek to the summit and back again. Included among this party are expedition leaders, base camp managers, climbing guides, Sherpa climbing guides, base camp cooks, and porters.

What, precisely, are the responsibilities for each of these team members? Let’s find out, via the informational notices found just before we board our refurbished tea train.
Expedition LeadersThe duties of the Expedition leader extend to the organization of the food supplies and gear, the selection of the team members and their health and well-being.

Base Camp ManagerCommunication with the expedition is a must for the Base Camp Manager, who also keeps track of finances, oversees the needs of the cook and does whatever necessary to facilitate the climb.

Climbing GuidesExpedition team members can rely on the knowledge and skill of the Climbing Guides. They also monitor the weather, the physical condition of team members and carefully gauge the turn-around time to the summit.

Sherpa Climbing GuideEven if you are merely trekking in the Himalayas, a Sherpa Guide is an indispensable member of your team.

Base Camp Cook – A good cook (and ours are the best) is able to mix local ingredients with expedition supplies to provide wonderful, tasty, varied meals for months at a time.

PortersUsually hired from the local population. Don’t be surprised if your expedition changes porters several times as it passes through different cultural regions.

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