30 April 2010

Visual development

As each new features from Disney and/or Pixar makes its way to the silver screen, the Animation Gallery in Disney’s Hollywood Studios showcases the tools that bring these features to life. With the upcoming release of Toy Story 3, not only are we given glimpses into the future of the toys, but also a lot of the history that has been locked away in the attic. Included amongst this history are early character maquettes sculpted by Bud Luckey, character concept pieces, and trivia relating to the toys’ development.

Here’s a look at an early Woody and Buzz Lightyear, along with the trivia presented to guests.

At first, Woody was going to be a Charlie McCarthy-type of ventriloquist’s dummy that belonged to Andy’s father.

On the surface Woody sees easy-going, but inside he’s really nervous about his new toy competition. The inner conflict was an important consideration in Woody’s visual development.

Except for his soft, pliable face, Buzz is made of hard, durable plastic. The rigidity suits his “go by the book” persona and his “never say die” attitude.

His original name was Lunar Larry, but that didn’t seem grand enough for the ultimate action figure out to protect the universe – even if that universe exists only in his own mind! In the end, even though Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear looks like a superhero, making him more like a cop that took the wrong off ramp on his way to saving the galaxy helped clarify his look, his name, and thus, his character.

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