08 April 2010

Most heavily traveled

Most heavily traveled
Ryan P. Wilson

In the past decade, Disney, and more specifically Walt Disney World, has realized that small collectibles are a great way to engage guests. Not only was this seen as a way for guests to interact with one another, but also with Cast Members in the parks and around property. One such method that was used to foster these interactions were the Official Walt Disney World Transportation Collector Cards.

Numbering eighteen total cards, each card represented one of the various forms of transportation: buses, watercraft, or monorail. Buses and watercraft each were given three cards, leaving transports like the Friendships out, and the monorail had twelve cards, one for each color monorail. On the front of each card there was an illustration of each transportation method along with a character mascot. The mascots ran the gamut from classic characters (Mickey, Minnie), animation stars (Cinderella, Simba), Pixar headliners (Woody, Sulley), and even a theme park character (Figment). The flip side of the cards were jam packed with information. Each card included a question about the character mascot, a Walt Disney World Hidden Mickey clue, a Hidden Mickey in the card’s illustration, and trivia on the specific vehicle pictured.

Now that we’ve discussed the way the cards looked, lets actually take a peak at them, shall we?


Anonymous said...

How cool are those! Do you know if these are still available in the parks?

Manuel Diaz said...

Cards are still available (as of 6/30/2010). However, two monorail cards have been retired (the ones involved in the accident). They are easier to find in the morning than the afternoon and each person only seems to have up to 3 of each card. Finding all the available monorail cards can be challenging. We rode them multiple days and requested the cards in all the stops and only got 5 unique ones.