11 April 2010

Disney This Week - 11 April 2010

Disney This Week - 11 April 2010
Ryan P. Wilson

There are a lot of times where it seems that Shawn Slater and I are of the same mind. This week, while I was pouring through every nook of Frontierland, DisneyShawn featured one of my favorite galleries, the artifacts belonging to the legends of the west, which are on display at Pecos Bill.

Sticking with Frontierland, but switching coasts, Sam Gennawey offers readers of SamLand’s Disney Adventures a tip on one of the out of the way, but definitely worth a look, spots near Big Thunder.

The Disney Food Blog is, shockingly, known for their take on Disney food. The reviews, however, are always among some of the most detailed you will ever see. Earlier in the week, AJ took readers with her over to ‘Ohana.

I can't say it any better, so, to quote The Disney Chick article, “come over to the dark side… here, there be cookies.

Taking a moment to reflecting on life in a Disney environment, Greg Grimsley reminds readers of The Disney Obsession of the ties between Walt Disney and the carrousel.

Finally, this week, Heather Hust Rivera took the Disney Parks Blog back to July 17, 1955. What is so important about that date? Well, it just happens to be the first public appearance of the Mouseketeers, an appearance which just happened to take place during Disneyland's opening.

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Thank you Ryan. Always fun to get the nod of approval from the Main Street Gazette!