26 April 2010

Crush the poachers

If you have a fear of, or are made uncomfortable by, the continual reminder to look all around you for the details tucked away within the corners of Walt Disney World, then you may want to opt out of this mission, umm…, I mean article. Okay, those of you who chose to stay on, I imagine are the sort that love to find these hidden worlds and minor story elements that pepper the landscape throughout the parks and resorts. Today’s entry emerges from the wilds of Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The stories folded into Harambe and Kilimanjaro Safaris are many, and include many subtle yet fantastic subplots. One of the smallest of the Kilimanjaro Safaris’ details, yet one of the most intriguing, comes from inside the cab of each of the safari trucks. Along the highways and byways the world over, each person’s vehicle tells their story by the type of vehicle they drive, what condition they keep it in, the type of license plate they have, and what decals they chose to adorn it with.Similarly, the interior of each safari truck is filled with bumper stickers that tell a story of each of the guides’ personalities. Examples include a set that utilizes decals stating Hakuna Matata and No Hurry In Africa relate the idea that the driver is more laid back, while a set containing Save the Rhinos and My Horn is my Dilemma, Please save me clearly proclaims this driver’s fondness for rhinoceroses and their continued ability to thrive. However, my absolutely favorite sticker declares I Love Pot Holes. Clearly, this is a driver who likes to go off road! These sets of decals may not reflect the personality of the guide currently driving the vehicle, but they were assembled to create personal vignettes.

The next time you venture into Harambe for your two week safari, examine the bumper stickers that line the guide’s cab. You never know what their story might be!

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