21 April 2010

The coolest concoctions under the sun

Sometimes there are out of the way dining opportunities that most guests do not take advantage of. Also, on a rare occasion, there are menu items at a restaurant that not the marquee attraction, but deserve just as much fanfare. Then, there are the unsung items on an obscure menu that that no one knows about, and this is a tragedy. Today’s item, from Beaches and Cream, just happens to be one of these delicious dishes that no one knows about.

Beaches and Cream may not be the least known restaurant on property, but I have certainly never had a difficult time procuring a table there, even during the middle of the busy Easter/Spring Break period. For those who are unaware of this tucked away gem, Beaches and Cream resides along the first floor outdoor walkway between the Yacht and Beach Club. From the counter tops and stools, to the booths, patterned tin ceilings, and authentic WurliTzer by the front door, Beaches and Cream is the ideal in old fashioned soda fountains.

The menu, lined with soda and syrup concoctions, beef patty burgers, and an unhealthy amount of ice cream, complements the pop shop’s d├ęcor to the letter. For those in the know, the ice cream is what brings them back time and again. Whether it is the Kitchen Sink, a mountain of ice sure to give the entire table tummy aches, or the peanut butter, chocolate, and fudge fantasy known as a No Way Jose, there is a belly busting dessert here for everyone. Mine just happens to be the Frozen Sunshine.

Tucked away in the bottom corner of the inside fold of the menu, this little ray of sunshine offers a great dessert that will perk you up, rather than having you sluggishly rushing to take a nap, and give your taste buds a chill. Frozen Sunshine is a delicious potion of orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream and seltzer churned up to give just the right amount of creamy, tangy, fizzy that can be sipped with a straw or gulped down with a spoon. The treat is topped with a generous helping of whipped cream and a handful of small candied orange slices. As if this weren’t enough, whatever portion of the mixture that doesn’t fit into the glass in brought to your seat in the tumbler it was made in. Talk about a bonus!

I highly recommend everything on the menu at Beaches and Cream as, even though I haven’t tried everything on it, I have yet to have a bad experience or a bland meal. The sandwiches and burgers are all top tier, especially when paired with an old fashioned cherry Coke, but if you truly want to experience Beaches and Cream for all it is worth, as well as have the sugar trip of a lifetime, give one of the sundaes, milkshakes, or floats a once over. And, if you really want to taste the best they have to offer, you cannot go wrong with the Frozen Sunshine!


mfeige said...

While I don't doubt the validity of your statement, I still found it shocking. I have always encountered a wait at Beaches and Cream. Of course that is tempered by the fact that I visit mostly during the busiest time of the year between Christmas and New Years. So i'm sure you're right, but I just have so many memories of waiting. Interestingly enough I also had to wait when I went there last May during a relatively uncrowded period. Guess I just have bad Beaches and Cream luck. Needless to say, I'm going to try this next time I go.

Unknown said...

I was worried that we wouldn't be able to eat there on our last visit to the World since they stopped taking ADRs. We decided to eat an early dinner (3:30). We got lucky - there were two or three open tables. I think a good strategy is to visit at an "off" time.

Unknown said...

I don't think he meant he never waited for a table but that he always got one, (eventually). Does anybody know if they have expanded into the room next door? At one time it was rumored but never heard if it went through.

angela s said...

I went twice while on my trip last spring and both times there was a 45 minute wait (we weren't staying there so we left), but my trip this year at the exact same time of year we went twice and were instantly seated... and there were only 2 other tables taken.

It may have been time of day as well... that trip we went at around 1pm and 5pm, and the times before we went at 7pm and 11pm. So maybe it doesn't get busy until night (people coming back from the parks probably).

Unknown said...

Ask for orange soda instead of seltzer for an even better Frozen Sunshine!