04 April 2010

Disney This Week - 4 April 2010

Disney This Week - 4 April 2010
Ryan P. Wilson

I don’t have a fear of snakes, but plenty of people do, including Indiana Jones. Princess Fee takes us to Disneyland Paris this week on DF’82 and asks the question, “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

Sticking with his history of the Swiss Family Treehouse, Kevin Kidney offers up some delightful tales from the Moreton Bay Fig Tree and the film set treehouse built in Tobago Treehouse.

Tim Weston began a hefty chore this week when he began compiling a list of the power outlets in Walt Disney World for the readers of The Daily Mickey.

Concept art has been released for the refurbished Cantina De San Angel, and it is unsurprising that our good friend AJ, of the Disney Food Blog, has the scoop.

Always one to make dreams come true, Lou Mongello and The Dream Team Project, announced this week that they are now sponsors of Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

Photographer Gene Duncan showcased a marvelous photograph of Morocco’s cabbage patch and Aladdin topiary over at the Disney Parks Blog.

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