17 August 2009

Made 'em do what they oughta'

When it comes to details, Frontierland has a reputation for appearing as the home of Mark Twain’s Mississippi scalawags with Davy Crockett infusing his own legends into the dusty road. But, for the keen-eyed cowpoke, there are plenty of tales from the trail to explore.The Frontier Trading Post is the West’s outpost for Pin Trading. I imagine this is a cushier than the trail boss, Texas John Slaughter, is used to. Texas John Slaughter, as played by Tom Tryon, was a seventeen episode serial on Disneyland that ran from time to time between Halloween of 1958 and the 23rd of April 1961. While he held the title of trail boss, this wasn’t his only title, as he was also known as the Sheriff of Tombstone and a Texas Ranger. Over the course of the seventeen adventures John Slaughter encountered bank and train robbers, cattle rustlers, assassins, Geronimo, and the most feared opponent of all, the in-laws.

The West, and now the streets of Frontierland, were kept safe with Texas John Slaughter’s turned up white Stetson and a pearl handled gun as he made 'em do what they oughta’, cause if they didn’t, they died. This imagery came from the Texas John Slaughter theme created by the Western Music Association Hall of Fame member, Stan Jones, who also penned the now famous (Ghost) Riders in the Sky. Below is a clip of Walt Disney introducing Stan Jones and his song about Texas John Slaughter.


Princess Fee said...

Fantastic details!! Thank you for sharing, Ryan!

AJ said...

I was most certainly NOT a keen-eyed cowpoke before I read this post, but I shall endeavor to do better! :-D Thanks Ryan!